Friday, 29 January 2016

Send 10k PhD students each year to US: Narayana Murthy
BENGALURU: Infosys co-founder N R Narayana Murthy has said India and the US should work on an agreement to send 10,000 Indian students to the US to do their PhDs in important areas in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education, every year over the next 50 years. This, he said, would cost the government approximately $5 billion a year - a small sum considering the benefits it would have in terms of creating lots of innovative solutions that can solve problems across sectors in India.
The agreement, he said, should make it clear that the students would not be given employment in the US once they finish their PhDs and they would have to come back to India and serve here for at least 10 years.
"The US will also benefit from this arrangement. There will be a large number of Indian students working on problems that will add value to US academicians," he said. He also suggested that India issue 10-year multiple-entry visas every year to hundreds of thousands of graduate students from the US. Speaking at the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce Conclave 2020 on Friday in Bengaluru, he said one of the offshoots of this strategy is greater collaboration between the Indian and US academia in developing solutions in emerging areas like the internet of things (IoT), where devices would be talking to each other and talking to your phone. "India has to become a partner in adding value to the US companies by developing advanced software in IoT not just for US companies, but the customers of US companies. This requires us to train our youngsters in adaptive control and handling analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog framework and digital devices. They have to be taught how to write and optimize code since the response time is critical in these applications," he said.Murthy also said one of the areas neglected is opening India to foreign universities. "Even though former PM Manmohan Singh wanted to open India to foreign universities, for some reason, we have not made progress. But it's important that we immediately take steps towards this if we want our grand-children and their children to be in an India which is economically strong," he said.
Article from the times of India

Thursday, 28 January 2016

Destination Germany

With high number of Indian students opting for international degree last year, Germany is emerging as a new favorite. Indian students have started exploring new destinations of late and have found Germany among EU to be the most suitable one. Located centrally in the heart of Europe, Germany offers free education to students. Courses are offered in English and students have option to stay back for work experience after studies. Education being free in Germany it practically costs next to nothing for Indian students to avail German education. At a time when the entire Europe is proposing against work visa post studies, Germany officially offers eighteen months post study work visa. Moreover it much easier to get admission in German universities compared to other international destinations.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Sunny life post-studies

We all came across huge stats charting the amount of Indian students studying in foreign colleges. What are the popular destinations and which are the popular subjects?
But have you ever thought why so many people spend premium money on study abroad, when it’s cheaper and even subsidized in our own country. What is the extra advantage and why to opt for?
Well it’s the life after studies, the quality of lifestyle and the confidence to be at par with developed countries. International education provides opportunity to explore world-class education, premium lifestyle, and global work-culture. A huge number of students even stay back for a long period of time gaining valuable global work experience or even get a permanent residency. International education is much more rewarding in many ways considering the cost

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

UK varsities steal the show

Almost half of the UK’s total number of universities featured in 2016 Times Higher education list of the 200 most international universities in the world. The list is topped by the Qatar University, followed by Luxembourg in the second place and the University of Hong Kong in the third place. The National University of Singapore
and the Imperial College London are ninth and tenth respectively.
American universities featured poorly in the list and only a few could make it to the list. Australia has only 24 universities in the list, with only 16 in the top 100. Switzerland is third among the 28 countries featured in the list, having only 10 universities listed. New Zealand could get only 6 universities listed among the top 100. Canada, Denmark and Ireland have three universities each in the top 100.
On the other hand 64 UK universities featured in the list of 2016. The University of Oxford and University College London (=18th), King’s College London (20th) University of Essex (21st), the London School of Economics and Political Science (22nd), Queen Mary University of London (23rd) and Queen’s University Belfast (24th) make the Top 25.
The US, which features relatively poorly in the rankings because its students and faculty are much more “home-grown”, rightly pointed by Mr. Aslam Shaikh of Aliff Overseas Consultants. This is the reason why US manages only one university – Massachusetts Institute of Technology – in the Top 100 and then only in 90th place. There are only eight more in the lower half of the ranking. Aliff Overseas Consultants places students in top rated universities across the world and regularly keeps track of university ranking. Mr. Shaikh advises students to choose only the best, to get the edge in terms of quality education and post studies placement.