Friday, 13 January 2017

Yet, Another Scan Exposed In Medical Admission

Arrests in MBBS CASE :---->

*  JJ Marg police had on August 11 last year registered a case of cheating and forgery against nine students for securing admission to the MBBS course with fake caste certificates.

*  Dr Aarif Reshamwala (62), who holds a master in surgery, was arrested on January 4 after he surrendered to police.

*  Both his children are MBBS students and are also accused in the case.

*  Reshamwala had submitted an OBC caste certificate in 1972 while doing his MBBS, but his children claimed to hail from an ST caste when they submitted documents seeking admission.

*  Nine students named in the FIR include Reshamwala's Children.

*  All students got anticipatory bail, but Karan Purohit's prearrest bail plea was rejected and he was arrested in November, 2016. He was later released on bail.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Travel and Hospitality Courses in Abroad

Travel and Hospitality can boost up major portion of a country’s economy, attracting travelers from all over the globe, for business or pleasure or field trips. What roles you can find yourself in this industry and how can you achieve your goal?  Read this article and contact us to get more information from our INDUSTRY EXPERTS.

Let’s understand what is Travel and Hospitality Industry? :-

Let’s talk about your last international tour. Various individuals worked together to make it as memorable as possible; right from the booking agent who booked your flights and hotels, to the caterers who cooked your lunch and dinner, from your tour guide to your cab driver. Travel and Hospitality covers the wide area of courses which can prepare you for a fulfilling career serving those who are expecting the very best service.

Why study Travel and Hospitality?

Many are keen to join this industry because they’re looking to travel and explore the world. Plus you’ll get paid to do so but keep one thing in mind that you have to work hard as well. If you want to desperately avoid a career where you work in the same office with the same people every day, then a career in Travel and Hospitality brings you fresh faces each day. New customers and clients walk through your doors, all expecting the same high standard of service. These might include the rich and famous too! Life is never the same in the hospitality industry so you’ll feel constantly alive with each new challenge that you face. You also have the chance to work for some of the world’s most recognizable companies and service providers. Having their names on your CV is extremely impressive, and adds on advantage.

Who would be good at studying Travel and Hospitality? :-

Those who take pride in their work and have a great attention to detail will revel in the Travel and Hospitality industry. Those for whom learning new languages comes easy will find these skills come to great use as you interact with individuals from around the world. Working in the Travel and Hospitality  industry, being able to maintain a personable and friendly demeanor with everyone – no matter how difficult or rude they may be – is key. Keeping cool under pressure is also vital, whether in an emergency or if something trivial has gone awry.

What specific courses can I study? :-

Aviation, Culinary, Food and Beverages, Food & Drink Production, Hospitality/ Hotel Management, Leisure Management, Travel and Tourism management, Event management, Casino management, Resort & Spa management. Etc.

What can you do with a Travel and Hospitality qualification? :-

As we discussed, the Travel and Hospitality industry boasts a huge range of roles, all with the aim of providing the highest service to those travelling for work or pleasure. Here are just a few roles you can pursue if you want to join this industry: Pilot, Air traffic controller, Chef / bar Tender, Hotel, Casino, Spa or Resort manager.

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