Saturday, 14 May 2016


Students looking forward to studyabroad often get lost in the application complexities and lack of information while applying for international universities. They also end up paying more instead of saving on tuition fees and academic credits as well.
The start point is of course finding the right course or course combination and the right university. Internet has brought us a whole world of information at our fingertips. The point lies in fishing out what one require from this vast sea of information. Even if you figure out what's required, the second most important step involves meticulously preparing your application. Your dream university may slip out of your hand just because of a single mistake.
Even if you cross all this hurdle, you may still get stuck with the visa process. In a nutshell, securing admission in an international university is easy, provided you have the correct information and conversant with the nitty-gritty in application and visa.
Study abroad consultants can be a life saver for aspiring students who don't want to take chance. Those who want to make it in a single go and don't want the hassle should look forward to expert consultants in study abroad.
Aliff overseas, countries premier study abroad consultant has helped thousands of students with their dream courses in dream universities. Founder director of Aliff Overseas Mr AslamShaikh, an avid educationalist and career counselor, shared his experience of over a decade. He cherish the happy faces of students that get admission into top universities across the world. He emphasizes that you should only go for the courses and the university that is best to you. Information is available everywhere but one should be able to filter out only the relevant information.
Aliff Overseas has every required information on courses, specializations, universities and countries. They can pick the right course or specialization that will help you in your future career. Having placed thousands of students in universities across different countries they are well versed with different application processes and different university criteria.
Aliff Overseas also prepare you for your visa interviews, brief you on what the officer might ask you. Another important point is pre-departure counseling. Often students face hurdles overseas, they are not used to the culture, people, language, climate and most importantly the rules and laws of that country. Aliff Overseas arranges pre-departure seminars and prepare students to gel with their country of study.
Mr Shaikh concluded by adding a thought full sentence, "when you can study abroad at the same or less cost as in India, why leave this on chance. Doing trial and error with your career will only ruin your future."