Sunday, 17 April 2016


Every year students across India aspire to become doctors. Being a doctor is a noble, respected and rewarding profession. Over the years the competition to get a seat in a government medical college has become competitive. Of late it has even become nightmare for parents to admit their children for a medical course. A set of organized businesses, mostly powered and backed by India's political whose who, are setting up private medical colleges and are fleecing parents for their children's dream career.
Indian parents last year shelled out close to Rs.1200 crore towards  donation and capitation fees to secure medical seat for their children. Private medical colleges in Indian are minting on the supply demand gap that government medical colleges have failed to meet for a long time. The actual cost of a medical degree in India from a private medical college could be close to Rs. 1 crore. Moreover the donation paid towards securing the seat is never invested back in infrastructure and academic improvement of the colleges.
This gives rise to the vital question, do you really get what you pay for? Parents seem to have no answer to this, they are left with no other option but to fall prey to the said system. Well it's time to voice and unite against this system, it's time to voice against donation, it's time to save our children's future from this illicit business ventures. It's time to say "NO" to DONATION.
Parents should explore study abroad options for MBBS degree. The cost of studies is not only less than half of what it costs in India, Students don't have to sit for entrance exams or pay any donation either. You get world class education at half the price and without entrance. You can practice in India after appearing for MCI exam.
Indian parents lack information and insight into foreign medical study. Countries like Russia, China, Ukraine and Philippines offers world class medical education without a single penny  donation. These universities rank among top universities of the world and their MBBS degrees are recognized by Medical Council of India, WHO, USMLE, etc. Educationalist Mr. Aslam Shaikh has been long advocating against donation for medical seats. He  still proactively campaign against this donation system. He urges parents from all quarters of our society to stand against and ward off this evil of donation.

Mr. Aslam Shaikh guides students for medical colleges in Russia, China, Ukraine & Philippines. Over the years hundreds of students have so far been benefited by his guidance and counseling. Mr. Shaikh reaffirms that students and parents should say "NO" to DONATION and explore international MBBS options for their bright future.