Friday, 23 February 2018

How To Get Student Visa?

What is a student visa? 
A student visa is for someone who has applied at a university and has received an admission letter from the institution. 

Why do you need a student visa? 
You need a student visa as a part of legal proceedings that are to be carried out for entering your study destination and for pursuing university/college education.

Classification of Student Visas Student visas is classified into two types depending on 

1. Duration of a course/program 

2. Type of a program or student Duration of a course/program 

For the duration of a course or programme, the visas may be classified into short term or long term student visas.

However, this is depending on the tenure of your course. 

A short term visa is given when a student is planning to undertake a short course of up to 3 months E.g Summer school, Language Program or any diploma/certificate course. 

On the other hand, a long term visa is given when the duration of the program extends beyond 6 months. This comes when students are planning to pursue degree programs or diploma courses of more than 3 months.

Type of a program or student 
Some countries have classified types of student visa on the basis of a student type, that is, if a student is going to be an undergraduate, graduate or doctorate. 

How long will I have to wait to get my student visa?
If you’re applying for a student visa, the wait could be measured in a few weeks or months. 

However, you can’t apply for a student visa until you have been accepted on to a course in the country you intend to school. So, if you haven’t already done so you need to submit an application for the course you wish to study 

Different countries have differing visa systems and acceptance procedures, however, the fastest visa processing is done by the US.

You go for the interview and at the end of the whole interview, the visa officer tells you ‘Congratulations, you got the visa’ or he might say, ‘I’m sorry this time your visa has been denied but you can try next time’. 

In the case of other countries, like in the UK, Australia and countries in Europe, the usual period to get a student visa is between three to four weeks. It all depends on the high commission of the respective countries. 

Documents needed for student visa application 
Different countries are governed by separate immigration laws and students must adhere to the laws that govern the destination country. 

Therefore, requirements for documents may vary depending on your study destination. However, there is a list of documents that remain common for every visa application irrespective of your study destination. 

They are; 

1. Valid Passport 
When applying for a visa of any type, you always need a valid passport. 

2. Admission Letter 
For student visa, you need to showcase a legit admission letter from the institution of admission 

3. Language Proficiency Proof
You need to demonstrate your proficiency in a language that will be the medium of instruction at your study destination. 

4. Financial Capability 
For a successful visa application, it is mandatory that you prove your financial capability of managing tuition and living expenses.

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If you plan to study abroad, you will have to apply for a student visa in the country you are interested in schooling.


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