Friday, 29 June 2018

StudyAbroad: Trinity rises in World Rankings

Ireland, a neighboring country of the United Kingdom, is one of the wealthiest countries in the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) and over the last few years, it has emerged as a preferred destination for Indian students.

Trinity offers 47 majors, 59 minors, and several interdisciplinary and advising programs. Along with opportunities in undergraduate research, internships, and study abroad programs, students may merge their talents with self-designed interdisciplinary majors.

Why study in Ireland?

English language
Although Irish Gaelic is recognized as the first official language of the country, only 36% of the Irish population actually know it. 94% of the population know English, with it being the second official language.

The Irish accent and dialect may be a little overwhelming at first, but you will soon get used to it. Living, studying, and working in Ireland is a great way to improve your speaking and listening ability in English.

Post study visa
One of the major benefits of studying in Ireland is the post-study visa. This makes it easier for students to look for job opportunities in the country after they graduate, and once they have a job, they are then eligible to apply for a green card/work permit.

There are plenty of generous scholarship opportunities available in Ireland. For example, Trinity College Dublin offers bursaries worth €5,000, NCI Galway €2,0000 and UCD provide 50% and 100% off fees.

Culture and lifestyle
Ireland is like few places on earth. Beautiful landscapes, scenic beauty, famous hospitality, and a rich culture of music, drinking, and sport. Did you know that there is one pub per 100 people in Dublin?

A study in Ireland would be definitely one of the best experiences of your lifetime. For information about Studying in Ireland, arrange a free consultation click here or send us an email at

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