Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Transform your potential in to success at Middlesex University Dubai

Sucharita Sunder is in her second year of the B.A. (Honours) International Business at MDX University, Dubai.

In the city of gold, an experience to cherish. Business management has been my passion since childhood and in order to pursue this interest I was looking for the right course which is also internationally well-recognised. After one of my seniors from school suggested Middlesex University Dubai (MDX Dubai), I checked their courses and zeroed in on International Business as it proved to be the right fit for me.

What has impressed me most is the course content that is taught using real business case studies and projects. I enjoy the fact that a large part of the syllabus incorporates extensive research that allows a student like me to understand the various nuances of business management. The professors broaden our thinking and are available for guidance whenever needed. The university offers great opportunity for students to work on various non-academic projects as well, like volunteering at youth festivals. To unwind and relax, the “student hub” offers a host of excellent recreational facilities.

MDX Dubai provides equal opportunities to all students so they can chart out their own career path to success. My experience at the university has been life-changing: it has altered the way I look at the world, and connected me with people and events far beyond my cultural background. The university also offers transfer programmes to their other campuses around the world, which gives us flexibility and the opportunity to discover new horizons.

The truly global nature of MDX Dubai meets the needs of students with completely different cultural backgrounds. The student body and faculty at the university is highly international and diverse, making the learning environment dynamic and enriching. This helps us develop an international mindset and cultural sensitivity.

Dubai, a bustling metropolis, is a multicultural, vibrant and dynamic city where many nationalities co-exist peacefully. Studying in a university with a diverse mix of students and world-class faculty is truly a rewarding experience, as is getting to study in one of the most futuristic cities in the world. The university offers several opportunities for international students to explore the unique cultural traditions and values of UAE through visits to the Grand Mosque, Louvre Abu Dhabi, and the Emirati museum where one can interact with locals and at the same time enjoy traditional Arabic cuisine. Studying in Dubai is for sure one of my most cherished life experiences! SOURCE: thehindu.com

Transform your potential in to success at Middlesex University Dubai this September

We have a wide range of programmes in Business, Law, Psychology, Graphic Design, Marketing, Human Resources, Computer Engineering, Education, Accounting and Finance and more… at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level.

Middlesex University Dubai offers a student experience with a difference, we care about what takes place inside and outside the classroom, providing some of the best student activities and sport clubs across Dubai. Students have the opportunity to try something new.

10 Reason Why MDX Dubai
  1.  Study in London’s first and only campus in the UAE
  2.  Study the same degree programme as in the UK
  3.  Earn a British Honours Degree in 3 years 
  4.  Start in Dubai with option to Transfer to London*
  5.  Choose to study an IFP, UG or PG
  6.  Easy student visa process
  7.  Stylish and modern student accommodation available
  8.  Study in a diverse multicultural environment
  9.  Scholarships & Grants Available for Eligible Students

Planning To Study At Middlesex University Dubai?

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