Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Why Studying Abroad Is So Good for Your CV

People go to university for many different reasons but one thing they often have in common is the desire for a good job they enjoy at the end of it all.

Studying abroad will reward you in countless ways; from lifelong friendships to exceptional knowledge, a strong sense of self to an understanding of other cultures. One thing often overlooked when considering the benefits of studying abroad is how great it looks to employers.

Here are five ways in which studying abroad will do wonders for your CV…

1. Independence
You can’t get much more independent than packing your life up and moving to a country that’s alien to you, away from everyone and everything you know. Sounds scary? That’s because it is. But it is also immensely rewarding in all areas of your life.

It shows real strength of character to take a leap of faith like that and make it work. You are able to prove you can take control of things go it alone in the world. And if you could do it as a nervous student-to-be, there’s no doubt you can do it again as a confident graduate.

Plus, who wants to hire someone who knows very little about the world outside of textbooks?

And if not that, then it could also open up opportunities for travel in your new job if your employer sees you were independent enough to do it once.

2. Global outlook
As the job market becomes more and more globalised and companies strive to make an impact on a worldwide scale, graduates who have a firsthand understanding of living and possibly working in another country are likely to stand out over those who stayed home.

Plus, who wants to hire someone who knows very little about the world outside of textbooks?

3. International network
All those friends you made? Chances are after university they will all be scattered around the globe in their respective homes or pursuing further study or work abroad. You are likely to know people not just from your home country or even in the country you studied in but all over the world if you got involved with any events or activities for international students. So get involved!

You would be surprised how much who you know comes in handy in the workforce and, with friends all over the planet, you will find great use in those professional connections.

4. Resilience 
Chances are you had a lot to overcome in your time studying abroad: nothing worth having comes easy. Whether it was missing home or struggling with the language barrier, you are bound to have shown significant amounts of resilience along the way – you’re still standing, right?

This will look great to employers as it shows you can cope with change and hardship, using them to your benefit instead of allowing them to become your downfall.

5. Communication skills
Whether you had the language barrier to compete with or not, your communication skills will be massively improved by studying abroad.

When you first arrive in a new country (and for quite some time afterward) you won’t know where anything is. Even the most basic things like where to buy a bar of soap, how to buy a train ticket or where you should go for dinner are confusing, and often the only way to find out is to ask.

You will get used to asking strangers for help and advice. Striking up conversations with people you otherwise would have passed by will do wonders for your confidence, language and general communication skills – qualities employers tend to love.

As if you needed any more reason to study abroad, the knowledge that, chances are, it will make you look even more attractive to potential employers is likely to be the cherry on top!

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